Invest in Crime Prevention

I believe in creating a safer community for everyone.

  • Support a multi-faceted approach to public safety, addressing socioeconomic factors, mental health issues, and public awareness.
  • Invest in community outreach, mentorship and diversion programs for young adults to provide alternatives to the cycle of violence.
  • Create a neighborhood watch or gang council involving young people to foster relationships to foster positive relationships with community leaders and in time with law enforcement.

Increasing Affordable Housing Options

I believe that every family deserves a safe and stable home.

  • Collaborate with developers, non-profit organizations, and county agencies to expand affordable and low-income housing opportunities.
  • Focus on preventing families from experiencing homelessness by providing stable housing options.
  • Ensure a shared effort between the city and county to support citizens in becoming contributing members of our community.

Enhancing Transparency and Accountability

We need an inclusive and transparent government that listens to its people. We need to foster a more informed and engaged community:

  • I will hold regular town hall meetings to provide a platform for citizens to voice their opinions, share ideas, and raise concerns.
  • Establish open lines of communication, ensuring that every resident has the opportunity to connect with me directly.
  • Embrace the diversity of perspectives and experiences within our community, working together towards progress and positive change.

“Safe communities, affordable homes, and a voice for you.”

Vote Laura Rodrigues-Mussler

For real change.