To support Laura Rodrigues-Mussler
for City Council in Fayetteville, North Carolina!

Laura Rodrigues-Mussler,
your candidate for Fayetteville City Council.

Laura is deeply committed to the growth, prosperity, and well-being of every resident in our beloved city. With years of public service under her belt, she understands the unique challenges we face and the boundless potential Fayetteville holds.

Laura firmly believes that our city’s strength lies in its diversity, rich history, and the shared aspirations of its people. She’s ready to advocate for inclusive policies, stronger infrastructure, and accessible public services that will propel Fayetteville into a future where everyone thrives.

Join Laura on this journey towards a brighter and more prosperous Fayetteville. Here, you can learn more about her vision, stay updated with campaign news, and find out how to contribute and make a difference. Let’s work together to shape the Fayetteville we’re proud to call home.



Laura Rodrigues-Mussler for Fayetteville City Council District 2

Laura Rodrigues-Mussler 

  • Turning grief into action 
  • Advancing Fayetteville 
  • Empowering District 2